As the seasons shift past spring, outdoor recreation is looking better by the day. At Snowden Bridge, you’ll be able to maximize every moment with a wide variety of on-site amenities and nearby activities to fill each day with fun. The best part is you won’t have to risk your health to enjoy all that our community has to offer. Read on to get inspired on ways to fill the summer days ahead.

Plan a Picnic Date

Make any meal an unforgettable experience when you take it to go. There’s something exciting about eating out and there’s no easier — or safer — way to do it than with a picnic. Whether it’s just for a midday snack or a four-course meal, there are plenty of places for a scrumptious outdoor setup. You can head to the community picnic area for a shaded place to unwind and share food with family. Or you could simply grab a blanket and a bag of chips to create a more casual experience in your favorite grassy location. The opportunities are endless!

Become a Trail-Blazer

Looking for something a little more active? Consider exploring the trails and green spaces throughout the Snowden Bridge community. Whether you want to walk or run, this is a great option to get in your daily steps as well as some fresh air at the same time. Or you can always take up biking instead. In fact, there’s a bike racetrack on-site as well if you’re ready for a more exciting and competitive experience.

Pick a Local Park

The Snowden Bridge area is surrounded by beautiful parks where even more excitement awaits. You’re just moments away from an incredible outdoor adventure — and there’s no better time to hike through the nature that surrounds us! From the Third Winchester Battlefield Park, to the Clearbook Park, to the Chet Hobert Park, to the Jim Barnett Park and so many more, you’ll never run out of outdoor spaces to explore near Winchester. And for even more fun, you can bring along a furry friend as well!

Tee Up at the Golf Course

Even if you want to avoid some of the more outdoorsy activities on this list, there are still options for you to enjoy a beautiful day in a more luxurious way. There are plenty of local country clubs available to tee up at and practice your golf swing. It’ll give you all of the rush of competition, but in a more relaxing setting that allows you to catch up with friends from afar. Check out Rock Harbor Golf Course and the Winchester Country Club if you’re looking for a good place to start.